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The Cockpit dill is just as important as being able to control a car along a busy high street. Outline below is the correct routine


Doors : Sounds silly. But it is your responsibility to confirm that all doors are closed including the boot.

Hand Brake: Confirm that the Handbrake / Parking Brake is applied

Seat:  Make sure the seat is in the correct position,  The left thigh should be horizontal to the ground when the clutch is fully depressed

Seatbelt: Its your responsibility to ensure all passengers under the age of 14 wear a seat belt. You also have a

Steering Wheel: The steering wheel is set correctly and all dials are viewable through the steering wheel.

Mirrors: Mirrors are set correctly and you have a good all round view.

Cockpit Check

Before you start to drive its important to understand how the set yourself up and make full use of the functions and controls within the car.